Hi, I'm Dez Young and welcome to the official Hunting with Hank website. Hunting with Hank features as its "star" my Llewellin Setter, Hank. We hunt a wide variety of upland birds in many types of terrain and weather conditions. Our trips include friends and family members whenever possible, but Hank and I also just spend time in the field together. Each episode has a Volume and Edition number and is told to viewers as a story, including Chapter titles for each of the segments within the story.

Over the six seasons of Hunting With Hank , our adventures have taken us as far north as the great state of Alaska and as far south as Florida. We hope you enjoy the shows.

Long before the beginning of this century, and right up through the great outdoor authors of our time, hunting the uplands was always written about with great feeling and passion. The stories weren't about the number of birds taken. They were about good companions, beautiful scenery and, of course, great bird dogs. We have tried to follow that tradition in bringing you Hunting with Hank. I hope you feel we've accomplished that goal.

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