Hunting With Hank and Upland Days with Dash and Dez Airing Schedule: Both of these series are aired exclusively on The Outdoor Life Network, which has complete control of the schedule. For a look at air times, click on OLN's link at the bottom of this page. Or you can check your cable provider's listing for air times.

Dez's Shotgun: For Upland Days With Dash and Dez, I shoot a Merkel 147 EL in 20 gauge. Truly a beautiful side by side.

In the Hunting With Hank series, the shotgun I use is a 20 gauge Browning BSS. Manufactured from the 1970s through the 1980's, they are fairly rare today, but are still available if you look. In the open of the show, the hammered shotgun is a 10 gauge British Perkins fowling piece from the 1840's and the side by side is my Browning. In one season of the show I shot a Beretta Silver Hawk, which was a nice gun, but in the end I was just more comfortable with my old Browning.

Dez's Vest: My vest, which has an internal water supply for the boys and me, is manufactured by Quilomene. Visit their website for a look at the different models.

Dez's Hat: : My hat is an Akubra, model Banjo Paterson, available from Noggintops. Please visit their website for other styles available.

Hank's Retirement: I decided to retire Hank from the rigors of television production after our sixth season of shows in 2002. He was 10 and I didn't want his admirers to see him slow down as he got older. I still hunt him occasionally with family and friends, but he has certainly earned his spot beside my chair and the fireplace.

Hunting With Hank Theme Music: The opening piece of orchestral music was selected from a standard music library to elicit the feel we wanted to create of traditional English hunting. The final piece of music, used under the credits was composed and performed by Dez. The music heard in the body of the show is a collaboration between Dez, who composed and performed the guitar tracks, and a studio musician who composed, performed, and engineered the overlay of other instruments heard.

Upland Days Theme music: For this series, we wanted a slightly different feel, but with the same general identity as a HWH Productions product. Dez wrote all of the original music, performed on the guitar, and also sang the original theme song at the end of the program. A studio musician in collaboration with Dez performed all of the other instrumentation in the various musical pieces heard throughout the show. A coveted TELLY AWARD was garnered by Dez for this original music.

Dez Young's Wingshooter's Journal Theme music: For these international bird hunting specials, Dez wrote all of the original music, performed on the guitar and also sang the original theme song at the end of the program. As with the music from Hunting With Hank, and Upland Days, Dez collaborated with a studio musician to add the instrumentation to the original compositions. A second TELLY AWARD was won by Dez for the original music for these special shows.

Can I get a CD of Dez's music? Although Dez greatly appreciates the interest in his music, at this time there are no plans currently to put his music on CD's. He does want you to know that he is flattered by the requests and honored to have won awards for his music.

Where Can I Find Copies of Past Programs? All the Hunting With Hank shows from Seasons 1-6 are available from our store. For a description of each show check the Episode Guide or visit the store. Also available are the two specials we produced in Uruguay, Dez Young's Wingshooter's Journal. Our new series, Upland Days with Dash and Dez will be digitized onto DVD's and will be available in the future. Check back for details.

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